We use laser cutting to process complex outlines with almost no scratches

State-of-the-art laser technology for processing steel and non-ferrous metals

Laseranlage mit einer enormen Schneidgenauigkeit

Laser cutting is a thermal cutting process for sheet steel, stainless steel and aluminum. It is used where complex outlines require precise, fast and almost scratch-free processing. As a result, our customers get the laser cuts they need. Laser cutting is one of our main areas of expertise. Otto Klostermann GmbH in Castrop-Rauxel uses one of the most advanced laser technologies for processing steel and non-ferrous metals.

The laser cutting by our machines is highly precise and fast. Our laser system guarantees extreme cutting accuracy due to high laser performance. It uses state-of-the-art CO2 laser resonators, laser beam fusion cutting and has best optics.

Technical data of our system

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in length
0 mm
in width
0 mm
thick stainless steel
0 mm
thickness for standard steel
0 kW
0+/- degree
bevel cuts

Exact and true-to-size sheet metal cuts from professionals

As a result, our customers receive exact and accurate blanks from a professional. Precise beam quality reduces the heat influence in the material to a minimum. We maintain this beam quality across the entire work surface because we can achieve high positioning speeds and precise positioning accuracy.

The main advantage of the process is that we can both cut and mark with the same tool. By using this procedure, we achieve high cutting speeds and a very small kerf, which needs no edge finishing.

Exakte und maßgenaue Blechzuschnitte vom Profi

So erhalten unsere Kunden exakte und maßgenaue Blechzuschnitte vom Profi. Durch eine exakte Strahlqualität wird die Wärmebeeinflussung im Material auf ein Minimum reduziert. Diese Strahlqualität besteht bei uns über die gesamte Arbeitsfläche hinweg, da wir hohe Positionierungsgeschwindigkeiten und eine präzise Positionierungsgenauigkeit bieten können.

Ein Hauptvorteil des Verfahrens ist, dass wir mit dem gleichen Werkzeug sowohl schneiden, als auch markieren können. So erzielen wir, neben einer hohen Prozessgeschwindigkeit, eine sehr kleine Schnittspalte, an dessen Kanten abschließend keine Nacharbeiten mehr erforderlich sind.

Countersunk holes

Our new laser now also allows us to produce counterbore holes while cutting, which gives us great potential for savings. Boreholes can be drilled to your specifications within a very short time at extremely low cost. Laser parameters set to match the bore geometries ensure the highest quality of cut bevel surfaces.

Take advantage of our expertise and send us an inquiry. We will be pleased to check the feasibility immediately.