Die Otto Klostermann GmbH in Castrop-Rauxel

Your expert for steel, cutting and cold forming technology

Otto Klostermann GmbH is your strong and innovative partner for sheet metal working and processing. We have the newest cutting machines and press brakes in Europe, and a team of specialists with many years of experience in our area of expertise.

Being highly flexible, we can handle stock shortages at short notice at any time and realise larger projects within a very short time.

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Otto Klostermann GmbH – your specialist for metal processing

Hochmodernes Plasmaschneidegrät

Plasma Cutting

EFFECTIVE CUTTING – We use the use the most modern technologies and cut steels in large thicknesses. Our plasma cutting system has many advantages to offer!

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Laseranlage mit einer enormen Schneidgenauigkeit

Laser Cutting

PRECISION IS PRIORITY – We have one of the most modern facilities when it comes to precision cutting. Our laser system guarantees enormous cutting accuracy!

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Forming Technology

LARGEST BRAKE PRESS IN EUROPE – Precise bending of thick and long sheet metal for stable constructions. Enjoy the benefits of our machines, many of which are unique in Europe!

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Machines for steel, cutting and cold forming technology

Otto Klostermann GmbH – one of the odest steel processing companies in the Ruhr area!

Our innovative machine fleet uses unique cutting, cold forming and fine plasma techniques: Complex chamfers with pivoting angles from – 45° to + 45° including abrupt bevel change are not a problem for our machines and the speeds are much higher than in conventional systems.

Our production possibilities include the processing of fine, medium, coarse and lining plates in normal as well as in rust-, heat- and acid-proof versions. We specialise in processing of particularly large steel profiles, especially in the forming technology using press brakes.

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